Freelance Inquiry

Please contact me for your next project. I specialize in manuscript editing (all levels), instructional design, web copy, marketing, and children’s literature.

I have my editing certificate from the University of Chicago. I’m proficient in the Chicago Manual of Style and the AP Stylebook, and I’m able to adapt to house styles as needed.

I have a BSE from the University of Michigan, and I’ve completed ten seminary courses.

Please include a brief description of your project, including word count, deadlines, style requirements, and the level(s) of edit you’re inquiring about. Use this as a guide when you’re describing the level of edit needed:

Content edit: Many writers jump too quickly into having their work copyedited only to discover they should’ve started with a substantive edit. With a content edit, I’ll help you bring the proper pieces in place before they get smoothed out with a copyedit. I consider the big picture, suggest manuscript improvements, and provide a second edit line by line to make already-excellent writing shine.

A content edit includes: improving style, voice, pacing, word choice, characterization, plot, and showing versus telling; eliminating ambiguity; reorganization; ensuring continuity and consistency; and assessing grammar and punctuation needs. (4 cents/word)

Ideal for unpublished authors, unagented authors, or writers who are writing in a new genre

Copyedit: With a copyedit, I’ll bring your writing into glorious conformity with industry standards. I’ll eliminate issues that would otherwise make your manuscript stand out in a bad way, and I’ll polish it so the entire work stands out in a good (publish-me or read-me) way.

A copyedit includes: conforming grammar, punctuation, spacing, tenses, dialogue, quotations, documentation, spelling, capitalization, word treatment, numbers, compounds, usage, abbreviations, and titles to the agreed-upon style guide. (3 cents/word)

Ideal for authors wanting to give their manuscript or proposal the best shot at getting contracted by a traditional house and for indie authors who want to publish a polished product

Content and copyedit: Providing all of the content editing and copyediting services described above at a discounted rate (6 cents/word)

Ideal for authors on a budget

Proofread: Correcting typos and errors only (1 cents/word)

Ideal for writing that has already been content edited and copyedited in its current form

Instructional design, product descriptions, and marketing copy (inquire about hourly or project rates)

Work for Hire, specializing in children’s picture books (inquire about project rates)

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